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Fair of Agricultural Typical and Traditional Products


 “Local products and crafts – Jahorina 2019”, 3-4 October 2019


Fair venue: Hotel Termag

Dear visitor,

We live in a country that although small, is full of diversity and interesting for our guests who come from different parts of the world. A country where the mountain and Mediterranean climate intertwines; Plains and mountains; Tents and forests; Mystical orient and progressive west. We live in a country full of natural beauty, rich cultural and historical heritage, kindness, cordiality and hospitality. All this is reason why every year at the beginning of October in Jahorina mountain we gather a large number of guests from all over the world at the International agricultural symposium "AGROSYM" and Fair of typical and traditional products. “AGROSYM” participants do not come just for the exchange of knowledge. They know that we will present them our culture and tradition and give them opportunity to bring back to their home countries a piece of our country - our traditional and typical products. And we have what to offer, for each one you can find some little thing to take back home. From year to year, we try to increase the number of exhibitors, to represent all the places from Bosnia and Herzegovina and to make a Fair with many different products. At one place during our Fair you can find producers of organic food, traditional products, winemakers, beekeepers, dairies, herbalists, artisans and hand made products. We hope that this Fair will grow as well as our symposium as we have what to show to the broader audience. We are happy to have chance to show our guests from 85 world countries creativity of our man. We hope that you find something interesting here and that we will meet on Jahorina mountain in the period from 3- 6th of October 2019.

Your sincerely,

Fair organizers

Catalogue of exhibitors 2017